Monday, December 12, 2011

25 Days of Christmas–Day 12

One the first day of Christmas…

I know you are already singing the song Smile

What if the song went more like this….

On the first day of Christmas, Jesus gave to me, grace, peace and mercy…

On the last day of His life, my true love gave to me….life everlasting and a love that never ends.

I just can’t help but think about the moment He began to walk up to Calvary – with the cross upon His back – knowing every step He was taking, was leading Him to fulfill the purpose in which He came to Earth – to pay for our lives with His – in full – one time and it was finished.

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Jesus gave up everything for each of us.   He willingly paid the price for our livesall because of His love for us.   He was asked by the Father to leave heaven and come to live among us (EMANUEL – GOD AMONG US).   He came in the flesh to teach about the love of His Father for us.  He came to teach us that we can resist temptation, have righteous anger, forgive, be merciful and shower others with grace.   He came to teach us to be wise and not follow false teachings.  He came to teach us how the truth will set us free.   He came to do Father’s will.  

That is exactly what He did – perfectly!  

Out of complete trust, faith and love for His Father and ours!   Amazing grace! 

How can we go through this count down without considering all of this…

Never ever forget this truth…

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Praying for each of us to draw in closer to God today, resting in the finished work of Jesus on behalf of our lives, and living from it NOT for it!   With much love…


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