Tuesday, December 13, 2011

25 Days of Christmas–Day 13

Sometimes we are touched by a song, a poem, a book, a story, a photograph, a drawing or a movie.   Sometimes we are touched so deeply by them – they live on with us forever.   We are changed and can never forget what we heard, saw or experienced.   They become a part of us and we then carry that experience with us – which can either help motivate us to do something, or walk away from something that is not really good for us.   Sometimes it will motivate us to open our hearts to deeper truths, which will always set us free.   Truth always does.  Even when the truth hurts.  If we are honest – it always sets us free. 

Last night, I sat with our oldest daughter and watched a movie that will live with me for years to come.   I could not stop thinking about how broken-hearted our Savior must be at how we treat each other and the lack of respect we have for all mankind.    I am ashamed that we still in the year 2011, live in a world that fights because of the color of our skin, the amount of money one has and where we practice our faith.  

Some wise words to think about today…

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We are so concerned what others have and what we don’t – that we begin to believe we are due something we didn’t work for or deserve to earn.   We are so concerned that others will get something we want that we beg, borrow and steal to get it first.   We have forgotten the value of working hard for the things we desire and need.   We are society falling prey to the lies and beliefs that those who have worked hard are causing everyone to suffer.   *Occupy* is growing in numbers by the day and sweeping across the nation.   Why?  Because people are angry over the idea that they don’t have what those who work hard do.  Why should anyone just have?  Why should it be equal?   Jesus called the lazy man a fool.   He said, not to give the lazy man anything to eat.   The truth hurts.  But it will set you free. 

The main characters in the movie had a courage I don’t see very often today – willing to do the right thing no matter the cost – because it is the right thing to do – end of story. 

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The women in The Help changed how I view the world I live in, and I for one imagine my new view lines up way more with how Jesus loves us all – that much more.   I didn’t view others in a negative way – just didn’t have the level of compassion I believe is needed to remain humble throughout our lives.   Humble like our Savior.  Never seeing ourselves above others.   Serving versus demanding to be served.

Maybe you will see The Help and be inspired to love everyone equally – even those hardest to love.  Not because they deserve it.   Because remember neither do we.   But because our Savior came for ALL – loves and died for all!    Not one is righteous or able to boast of their good deeds.   Not one.  

What a calling on our lives – to love like Jesus!   The One who gave it all without holding anything back.   The One who poured out His love so deep, rich, wide and never ending so we can all have life MORE ABUNDANTLY – full of joy, hope, peace and love!   WOW! 

The most amazing part about that – is we don’t have to rely on ourselves to be good, worthy or righteous – GOD GAVE US HIS SON and the power of the HOLY SPIRIT to do it ALL in us and through us.  RELY on HIM today!   LOVE HIM TODAY and watch HIM bless your day in ways you could never imagine.   Reach out to those who need it and simply smile, listen and do what you can to meet their needs!   Praying for each of us today to be the hands and feet of our Savior!   Oh how this world needs us to rise up and lift them out of the mire mess they are in!

Now could someone please tell me how this season could possibly have anything to do with buying things no one needs?


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