Wednesday, December 14, 2011

25 Days of Christmas–Day 14

I am sitting in *Starbucks (drinking HOT green tea) listening to Christmas songs and watching people come and go.   Once again, I am reminded of how life moves along…everyone seems so busy.   Some rushing in as they continue their work day.  Others stopping in to get work done on the road.  Others off for school break.  Mom’s catching up with a friend while their kids are in school.   Laughter, quiet words, smiles, and some faces filled with a sadness, pain in their eyes and they are just going through the motions.  Life moving along.

I look up and smile.   Wishing it was the right place and time to tell them there is a hope, joy, peace and love so amazing – that there is more to this life.   That this season overtaking them is not about the rush, stuff or expectations of those in their lives.    It is actually about this beautiful love story that started over 2,000 yrs ago – the moment our Savior was born.   Truly it started the moment God entered time and created the world we live in.   His love story for us began and the beauty of this story – unlike others it has no end.  His love remains for all eternity. 

Oh how I long for others to have the same joy that I have experienced despite the pain in my life.  

Oh how I long for others to know the peace that remains even when life is spinning out of control.  

Oh how I long for others to know the hope that holds me together – when a situation seems hopeless.  

Conversations continue and my heart breaks for what I hear and don’t.    

That small voice deep within calls out to me – “Be Still and know that I AM GOD!”  

So thankful that HE is!!!   I can rest in knowing they too are being called to Him.  I pray they find Him and answer the call of their hearts for what they can’t find anywhere but in Him!!!!!

The other day I was driving along and the following song came on the radio – it truly touches on many of the posts I have shared during this series.


Praying for this world and asking God to draw more to Himself through our love for Him!   Let our LOVE shine so bright that all around us can’t help but desire to walk towards the TRUTH, WAY and LIFE! 


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