Friday, December 16, 2011

25 Days of Christmas–Day 16

In this life we will have trouble.   That is a promise from God, told to us by Jesus.    You and I can’t escape having to deal with trials in this life.   They are inevitable.  Some are hard and seem to last forever.  Others come and go as quickly as they came.   Sometimes a trial comes back – maybe not exactly the same – but it is in your life to teach you the lesson you missed the first time around.   Being the slow learner that I am, I have to go through some things more than once.  OUCH!   I sure wish once was enough all of the time, but sadly for me it doesn’t happen often.  

Yet, when the trial comes around again, I am usually wiser and quicker to see it for what it is.  I am able to handle it with more grace and get through it easier.   Usually!

If you have been reading my blog for a while you know that these truths are the first I was told from the bible before I even accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior – they became my life verses.   Oh how I wish I would remember them immediately when I begin to face a trial.   It sure would be easier on me and my human heart!

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Being human,  I tend to forget the very verses that have seen me through some really rough spots along my journey of walking with God, and learning what it truly means to do it by faith. 

I fail miserably many days – sometimes many times a day.   Raise your hand if you can relate?

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Not one of us can boast.  Not one of us is righteous!   Not one of us can do a good thing apart from Him!   No not one!

No matter how often we fail in doing this life all for the glory of God – HIS LOVES REMAINS!   

That thought is the wind beneath my wings.   It is the gentle whisper to my weary heart, as I see and listen to what is going on in the world today.   It is the comfort in the night when my thoughts get caught up on what awaits me tomorrow.   HIS LOVE holds me together.   HIS LOVE is what sees me through every single thing I must face.   HIS LOVE is what carries me when I don’t have the strength to carry myself.  HIS LOVE is what makes it all worth the pain and struggle, as I take each step.   HIS LOVE is what makes me joyful even in my darkest hours.   HIS LOVE is what gives me peace and hope as this world continues to walk away from Him.   HIS LOVE will always be – no matter what.  HIS LOVE endures all things, covers a multitude of sins, is faithful, slow to anger, long suffering, and remains for all eternity.  HIS LOVE paid the price for my life and that is more than enough for me!   HIS LOVE was poured out on the cross for all and it is the gift that anyone can receive – now is the perfect time to truly grasp and understand what I talk about day after day on here.   That is my prayer and hope in writing all that I do – that you will leave my blog each day with a renewed desire to seek after Him, to know Him, to love Him and experience HIS LOVE for you!   

As hard as the season I am in is – this is my quiet prayer for myself to remember…

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How absolutely true is that?    If I don’t need it – then God please don’t allow me to have it, get it or change what it is You have for me.  

This song has been touching my heart deeply for the last three weeks, and goes along with this post.   I pray it touches your heart today and you will be inspired to draw closer to God.   To wrap your arms around His truths and let HIS LOVE become your every heart desire.   He will be the breath of heaven – the very thing you have been looking for and yet could never find no matter how hard you tried – it can’t be found in this world – it is only found in one place – GOD ALMIGHTY!    Thank YOU JESUS!   Oh how I love You!

My signature becomes more real to me every day – I’m truly humbled to walk through the 25 days of Christmas with all of you!


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