Sunday, December 18, 2011

25 Days of Christmas–Day 18

I love a good quote.   Why?  Because they are so full of truth and give me much to think about.   I saw this one a few weeks ago while shopping at night with our girls at my favorite antique store.   God, always gives us what we need right on time and I needed this gentle reminder!
Everything in life is a choice.   We choose victory or defeat.   We choose joy or sorrow.   We choose peace or pain.   We choose trust or distrust.   We choose obedience or sinning against God (and each other).    It is all a choice.   I can either allow my circumstances in this life to win over my heart and mind – or focus on all the blessings around me – the gift God’s love and the finished work done on the cross on my behalf.   It is a choice.    I can’t experience joy without relying on God.   Sure I can muster it for a little while on my own – but it will be fleeting.   What I can produce can’t be sustained.   It is impossible.  I have temporal resources, however, GOD’s are ETERNAL!   I can go numb towards certain emotions to get through a circumstance and sometimes that is healthy – because the trauma is too great for our minds and body to withstand – yet, the only way I can have peace, joy, and hope is to allow myself to go through all that I face with God leading the way.   
We can go through this season stressed or resting in His love for us.    We can go through this life the victim or the VICTOR!    We can go through each day desiring something else – or we can be content with what we have been given and bloom right where we are.   It is all a choice.
That choice is often hard.   It is not easy to live our lives 100% reliant on God.   Because our human nature resists giving up control.   It resists fully laying down our lives and allowing God to lead us, guide us, teach us, comfort us, strengthen us, and the hardest to allow all of the time is the power of His love for us…knowing He knows us to the depth of our souls.  
No matter how hard it may be to choose JOY over sorrow – it is available to us every single day in God (through the power of the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ).
No matter how hard it may be to humble ourselves and allow Him to be our all in all – we can all do it because God gave us His Son to show us how and help us to fight against our human nature.   He gave us a new nature the moment we accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior.  We are a new creation and our old selves have died away.    It is our CHOICE to walk in that truth.   We don’t have to live as we once did.   Yesterday has no power over us today.   It is a choice to be all that we are in Christ.    
When we say this to each other during the Christmas season…

We are speaking truth into the lives of those who heard it!    It is a choice to live this life filled with JOY, PEACE, HOPE and LOVE – despite our circumstances.    We have been given everything we need to do it – every spiritual gift is ours.    We just need to rely on them, believe upon God and trust Him to be faithful to finish the good work He started in each of us.    We must obey Him and humble ourselves daily to do His will and not our own.   It is not about a one month change of heart to get presents and NOT coal.   It is a daily choice to reflect the image of our Savior to a lost and dying world.  

Jesus was the ultimate OPTIMIST!   Our goal is to become more like Him every single day.  

Wishing you all a richly blessed SONday!   Merry Christmas friends!   May all your days be Merry and BRIGHT!   Shine on!

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