Wednesday, December 21, 2011

25 Days of Christmas–Day 21

WOW!   The days have flown by and here we are just 4 days away from celebrating the birth of our Savior.  Life moves so quickly these days I struggle sometimes to keep up!   Yet, I am thankful that I began this countdown!  It caused me to be still, to slow down and focus on what is most important each day – the finished work of Jesus on my behalf!
In order to keep my focus where it belongs I listen to praise and worship music throughout each day.  It helps settle my mind and heart as trials swirl around me.   Worshipping God has been such a huge blessing to me – in ways I never imagined possible.   I can’t think about my trials and praise Him at the same time.   My focus is turned off of me and my circumstances, and put back onto Him, where it belongs.   Laying my burdens down at His feet and trusting Him to handle them perfectly.  
As I go back over the last 20 days, there is a constant theme woven through each post – everything in this life means nothing without Him!   He is my all in all and my heart belongs to Him!
The babe in the manger.  The perfect bed for our King!
Jesus w-Mary-Joseph
Who grew in the grace and knowledge of our Father in heaven.
Jesus praying -as a child
Who lived to do His will fully and completely.   Relying not on His own understanding, but cried out to His Father, during the toughest moments…
Jesus praying to God
Resisted temptation by calling out the truth of His word…
Jesus tempted
Humbled Himself before His disciples to teach us that it is better to give than to receive, that it is better to serve than to be served, and so that we would learn how to love as we are loved!
Who taught us that it is best to be still and listen – don’t busy ourselves and be pleasers of men, rather be doers of the word, and only to do the will of the Father!
Who promised to never leave us nor forsake us, and that if we stray He will keep looking for us!  All we must do is listen for His voice and He will mercifully and lovingly bring us back unto Himself!
Who continually knocks upon the door of our hearts in hopes that we will let Him in and have full access – free to do what He pleases and how He pleases in us and through us – when He pleases – where He pleases – all for our good and His glory!    He sees and knows the motives of our hearts and warns us – out the mouth the heart speaks…
Who willingly carried the very cross He would hang on for us!  Who gave it all and finished the work His Father (and ours) sent Him to do.   He lived and died for us.   All because He loves us.
It is and always will be about the cross!    It is and always must be about Him during this season!   There is no Christmas without CHRIST!   Let’s make it all about Him!   He is worthy of all our praise, honor and glory!  He is worthy of nothing less!  

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