Thursday, December 8, 2011

25 Days of Christmas–Day Eight

As we continue on counting down the days until Christmas, there is something I think you should know…

It all began here, where He gave us His life for you…

A love so grand, so deep, so rich, so full, so wide – nothing could contain it or stop it – not even death on the cross.

Friends put aside the cares of this world and the temptation to be sucked into feeling that you must keep up with everyone else this time of year.    Slow down, rest and receive His joy, peace, hope and love to refresh your weary soul. 
The only thing we are truly commanded to do is to let His love into our hearts to redeem us, change us, mold us, restore us and reflect Him to all who we meet and know.   Above all else – LOVE one another, as I have loved you. 

For the next 16 days as we continue our countdown to celebrating His birth, I ask you to pray for a renewal in your walk with Him and a desire so strong to know Him, that everything else in your life begins to fade away.   That your life becomes filled with praise and thanksgiving.   That your days become filled with hope and joy.  That your heart becomes so tender your arms become full of holding onto those around you.  That your eyes begin to see all that you were missing right before you.  That your ears begin to hear His still small voice so often, that your lips can’t help but say, “Yes, Lord, I’m listening and ready to do Your will.” 
Why should we all do this?   Because worthy is the lamb who was slain for us.  Who gave His life for each of us and loves us in a way none of us will truly understand until we stand face to face before Him. 

Thank You Jesus for saying “Yes, Father, not My will be done, but Thy will.”  

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