Friday, December 9, 2011

25 Days of Christmas–Day Nine

If I had to name one thing about Jesus I like the most – it would be His humility.

He always put the will of His Father above His own – every single day.   He came here for one purpose – to pour out God’s love amongst His children and redeem us back unto Himself for all eternity.   Ok, that’s more than one thing.  But hey they are unbelievably amazing.

Jesus didn’t question His Father.   He never doubted God.   He never lost belief or faith in God.  He never misplaced His trust.   He never sinned.  Ever!   He simply asked for what He needed and knew that God (His Father) would supply everything faithfully – right on time.   He knew no matter what He could believe in the promises made to Him.  

Jesus chose to leave heaven and come here to live and die for us.   I can’t even imagine that kind of love.  My mind can’t fathom it.  Yet, how thankful I am that I can 100% rely on it!   

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That sums up how Jesus lived every day while He walked this earth – except HE did NOT have one single flaw and NEVER sinned.   He unlike us was the perfect human.   He never desired to sin and when He was tempted to do it – what did He do?  JESUS relied 100% on God and His promises.  He spoke the TRUTH out loud and walked away victorious.   (remember this example, tell your problems how big your GOD is and stop telling everyone how big your problems are – with God all things are possible!)

You and I don’t worship a  mere man.   We are worshipping GOD, who dwelt among us.   We are worshipping the ONLY ONE who could redeem us and bring us into perfect fellowship with our Father, once again.   We are worshipping our Savior, the LORD of LORDS, KING of KINGS, PRINCE of PEACE, our STRONG TOWER, our SHEILD, our GOD ALMIGHTY, our PROVIDER, our HEALER, our COMFORT, our JOY, our HOPE and the LOVER of our souls.   

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Oh we are so incredibly blessed to be loved by the One and only true LIVING GOD! 


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