Thursday, December 1, 2011

25 Days of Christmas–Day One

For the past three years of blogging I have spent the month of December sharing videos and stories about Christmas and the blessed gift of Jesus Christ our Savior.   Year after year, my heart breaks more and more at how commercialized this season has become, and how the emphasis is not where it should be.   This year, I’m going to write a post for each day leading up to Christmas.  Let’s begin with…

Why we don’t believe in or celebrate Santa (or the Easter Bunny).

That choice is not a popular one at all.   This post may offend many of you – but it is more important to me, NOT to offend Jesus.   I am not looking to debate on this topic – these are my beliefs and thus, feel free to ignore them completely.

It wasn’t even until last year that we brought a Christmas tree into our home.   Remember we both grew up Jewish and well, not many Jews have a tree at Christmas time in their homes.   Now that we have one (fake) it stays up for months and we all love sitting by it, reading stories or just allowing it to remind us of the greatest gift in our lives – the birth of Christ and His selfless choice to die for our sins. 


So then I ask myself, why do Americans have to make everything about food and getting something during every holiday?   Why is everything turned to us?  Why are we all OK with telling our children stories of fake people and animals who bring gifts?  Not to mention they eat junk food and leave candy.   Everything revolves around sugar and treats.    Every office building, school, and hospital staff will all be eating cakes, cookies, and tons of unhealthy foods for weeks on end – straight into the New Year – all because it is Christmas – the holiday season. 

OK, sorry I am going off tangent.   But that really bothers me too.  It is no wonder the biggest New Year’s resolution every year is a DIET!   Gyms across America love how we eat like gluttons for two straight months – they know what is coming to them come January.   Every doctors office fills up with sick people (the flu and cold season are rampant) – all because we stuffed ourselves with too much sugar and junk food.  Ooops, wrong blog.   I might have to write a post on my health blog soon.   OK, I’m getting back on track now.

Again, I ask myself why isn’t it enough and OK, to simply expect your children to behave all the time without the hopes of getting treats and rewards for doing what is right?   Why isn’t it OK to simply turn off TV and not bring in the commercials and all the things that cause our children to want things they do NOT need?   Why must they sit on some mans lap who is pretending to be someone he isn’t and tell him what they want?   Why must they be told he is going to ask if they are naughty or nice?   Why?   What good does that do anyone?   So for a few weeks they are bribed into behaving and then come Christmas they tear through a pile of gifts – open them up and forget about them within hours or days.   All for what?   Who benefited?   Who was changed?  Who grew closer to God because of all that was stuffed in a stocking or under a tree?  

How does our continued abundance change the world around us?  Who would give anything for a pair of shoes, clean water to drink, food to eat, clothes to wear, a safe place to live, a school to attend, medicine for their sick, and someone to protect them from those who want to sell their souls.

I never believed in Santa Claus.  Ever.   Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble that all children need to believe in him and the so called miracle of Christmas that comes from that fairytale. 

Sorry, the only miracle of Christmas is the birth and blessed gift of our Savior – Jesus Christ. 

If you are old enough to read my blog, then you know it is extremely hard to walk out our faith in Christ and trust Him with every detail of our lives.   God, who we can’t see, touch, or walk up to – ye,t by faith we believe.   Not because we are told we must, but because God has placed a longing in our hearts to know Him.  And to know the truth. 

John 8:32 says, “And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

You and I have never seen Him.   You and I have never heard Him speaking while He walked this earth.   You and I have never touched Him.   You and I have never smelled Him.  

Everything about our belief in God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit is built upon faith.

We walk NOT by sight, but by faith.   Which is given to us by God.   Our very next breath is a gift from God.   The fact that you are awake today and reading this post, is a gift from God.   You were ONLY created to love Him, know Him, worship Him, and to be used by Him for your good and His glory. 

As a mom of 9 children, I want them to know without a shadow of a doubt that I will never fill their minds with anything but the truth as I know it, and believe in with all that I am.   As I grow and learn, so do they.  

Why would we tell them that this celebration is about them getting gifts and that they must behave in order to get them?    Why would we begin to tell them that a big man in a red suit is going to come into our home at night while we are sleeping and bring them gifts?   Why would we want them to believe in someone who is not real and can’t offer them the only thing that we all desperately need?   Life everlasting.   It only comes through the person of Jesus Christ.

Romans 5:8 says, "But God demonstrates His love for us in this: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us."

No one else has ever died for us.   No one else has paid the price for our sins.  No one else can give us grace and all the heavenly gifts we need to walk through this life, so that, our joy will remain full, and we will know a peace that surpasses all understanding.   No one has but Jesus.   He is the only gift to bring into our homes and lives – not just one day a year but every single day.   He is worth laying everything this world says we should do, down and aside for.  

Imagine what would happen if we skipped spending so much money on useless things and put our money towards eternal things.  Imagine what would happen if we got half as excited about telling our children and grandchildren about Jesus, and reading His word to them – as we do telling them stories about Santa.  Imagine what would happen if we turned off our TV’s this month and stopped filling our minds with things that pull us further away from God, and cause us to have our minds fooled into believing we can serve two masters. 

"The difference between mercy and grace? Mercy gave the prodigal son a second chance. Grace gave him a feast." - Max Lucado

May you know the FREE, unconditional gift that is Jesus Christ.

Merry Christmas, Friends.  


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