Wednesday, December 7, 2011

25 Days of Christmas–Day Seven

We are called to be the salt and light in this world.  Jesus asks us to allow our light to shine before men so that we may glorify our Father in heaven.  (Matthew 5:13-16)

The lights we put upon our home and on our trees are to remind us and others that our light comes from the Lord.  Our lights shines bright because we are allowing Him to be seen everywhere we go, in us and through us – not just during Christmas.  
We allow His light to shine when we are polite to a stranger, offer to help a person who has fallen get up, bring a meal to a family who welcomed a newborn into their family or lost a loved one.  
We allow His light to shine when we forgive others versus hold grudges. 
We allow His light to shine when we are humble and do what is right, even when no one is watching.
We allow His light to shine when we don’t focus on being right, but focus on what is best for the relationship.
We allow His light to shine when we open our hearts to His will and way – loving those that are often the hardest to love.
We allow His light to shine when we think about….

When we allow our minds to focus on God and the beautiful things in this life that He continues to bless us with, not only will our hearts overflow with His goodness, but so will our mouths.   Out of the mouth is the overflow of our hearts.  You want to stop your mouth from speaking evil and hurtful things and sinning against those you love – then start by thinking only good things about them and seeing them as God does – His child, wonderfully, fearfully and perfectly made.   He sees their mess just as much as He sees yours and desires to clean it up – just as He does with you. 
Not one of us is worthy or righteous.  Not one of us can boast of our good deeds.   Not one of us is beautiful without His light.  Because apart from Him – we are unable to do anything praiseworthy.   The further we walk away from God – the dimmer our lights become and the more excuses we make for the choices we make daily in our lives.
So if you truly want to light up your house and neighborhood, and bring peace to world – let the lighting of it start with you – allow God’s light to shine into the depth of your heart and ask Him to show you all the areas you have yet to let Him in.   Then once He shows them to you – don’t hold back, give it all to Him and He will be faithful and good to clean it all out, one day at a time in His perfect way.  
You all know this song…This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine…(now finish the words)…let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!  
How many of you are smiling just from singing that sweet childhood song?  
That is how the lighting begins – turning the focus off us and onto praising our Savior! 

When you see a frustrated mom at the store with children running around, don’t judge see if you can help or at least smile at her with a reassuring look that it will all be OK!
When you see a person who looks lonely, angry or hurting, look them right in the eyes and wish them a blessed day or night.   A smile goes a long way.
When you see someone struggling to find that dime they need to pay for something in the store ahead of you, pull at your loose change and pay it quickly for them.   Keep extra change with you everywhere you go – drop some in the Salvation Army buckets, drop some in the need a penny bins, etc.  
Pass it forward and pay an extra quarter at the meter.  Buy an extra newspaper and give it to the person waiting in line behind you.  Pay for an extra coffee and tell the server at the counter to make sure the person knows it was a gift from God to let them know they are loved.   He cares and He is watching.    Leave love notes in dressing rooms on the mirror, on your bus or train seat, in the plane pocket, the hotel bible, your bosses desk or computer screen.   Sure they will be taken down – but only God knows how much the person who finds them may need to read them.   Your random acts of kindness are a tangible way for others to see His light shining ever so bright and not being able to give back, but just receive the gift of His love and others generosity – maybe they will pass it forward too.   Smile at everyone you see for one week and see what a difference in makes in their lives and how different you feel at the end of each day too!
Shine on friends, the world needs us to be more than hearers of the word.  God commands it.  Let us will the good for others – ie – LOVE THEM!    Let us truly be the hands and feet of Jesus this year – one opportunity at a time!  

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