Friday, December 2, 2011

25 Days of Christmas–Day Two

Come with me to a little town, known for the birth of our Savior…Bethlehem

I truly can’t imagine the emotions and thoughts going through Joseph and Mary’s mind that night.   Not to mention the 9 months leading up to our Savior’s birth.   To be the woman who would carry the Savior of the world, must have at times been overwhelming to say the least. 
When I look at this painting I wish I could climb into this exact moment.   Breathing in every second of His first moments – born to nothing and yet, He had everything to give.   He left heaven for our sake.   He came to do one thing – obey His Father and do His will – redeem us and pay the penalty none of us could ever afford.  

Imagine with me for a moment – be still now and allow yourself to smell the smells all around Him, and hear the noises He heard, and feel the awe, joy, peace and love that surrounded Him.  
Can you imagine the love being poured down from heaven into the hearts of Joseph and Mary for their son, God’s Son?    Can you imagine what it felt like to kiss Him?  Or hug Him?   Or have the amazing blessing to nurse Him?    It brings tears to my eyes thinking about all that happened the very instant He was born and took His first breath of air this side of heaven.   In that instant the world was forever changed.    God gave us the perfect gift to pay the ransom for all mankind's sins and rebellious ways.
I have shared this painting so many times and never tire of looking at it -
If you have given birth or held a newborn in your arms, then you have tasted the miracle of life.   You have touched God’s miraculous creation.   Each of us just like Jesus were fearfully, wonderfully and perfectly crafted in our mother’s womb.   He intimately knows everything about us – every hair on our head and the number of our days.   He loved us before we ever loved Him and will love us for all time.
He unlike the rest of us was born without sin.   He was born to a sinless woman.   He unlike us never falls out of love for us.   His love is perfect, holy and pure and remains forever!  


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