Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Glitter Storm

Forget blowing those noisy things – they never make you look pretty and only make a really obnoxious noise anyway.   If you want to bring in the New Year with some fun – go grab a HUGE handful of silver glitter, go out into the sunshine and blow…


Just be sure you are outside and don’t mind covering your deck/patio or sidewalk with mounds of glitter goodness!  Then you might want to close your eyes when you blow – because truly how many of us look good blowing?   Oh, I sure don’t (you will see soon! LOL!)





When you are all done – your hands will shimmer with 100’s of glitter pieces Smile


And the only way to get them off – is to dance of course – so shake it!!!!  OH OH!!!! Winking smile


Wishing you all a very blessed day – full of joy, laughter and love!

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