Thursday, December 1, 2011

Week 47 good to WOW {Edit}

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Welcome back! Today, we will be linking up with Ashley for her editing tutorial.


Sorry no edits of the turkey shots – I loved them as is.   To answer all of your comments (thank you for them by the way) – both turkeys were delicious!!!!  Just so you know my oven is NEVER that clean – it is too old and not worth the effort trying to get it that way.   But trust me when we get a new one – I’m working hard to try and keep it looking my mother-in-loves. 

However, I do have the sweetest shots of our youngest son to share today.  I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that he will be 5 yrs. old at the end of this month.   These were taken on Monday right after school, he was so proud to show me the Thanksgiving things he made the week before.  He truly LOVES getting his photo taken and we both have so much fun together during every mini session!  Yep, be jealous…he smiles like this with no effort on my part except, smiling at him first and telling him, “how much I love him.”

I did my super quick edits in LR3. 






You only have until tonight to post your best SOOC shot to our good to WOW SOOC flickr group to be entered into the monthly give-away.  This month and next will be surprises.  Smile

Tomorrow more studio shots – our dog was the perfect model for me after his grooming yesterday!  He even stayed and listened to me!!!!  Now that is worth bragging about.  He is finally acting like a well-trained pup!Open-mouthed smile

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