Monday, December 26, 2011

Week 51 good to WOW {SOOC}

This is our final week to enter in December’s best SOOC.   Please make sure that you enter your photo into our flickr group.   Next week will be your chance to share your BEST SOOC for 2011 and a collage of your favorite photos from the 52 weeks of our challenge.   Again, thank you all for joining us each week.  It has been a wonderful experience.  I trust you will all find new challenges to enter in the coming year.   2012 is shaping up to be a very exciting year for me and I look forward to sharing all that awaits me on my photography journey!  


This week our theme/prompt is New Year’s – hello 2012 – I am so ready for you!

As some of you may know from reading my devotional blog, our family is walking the tough road of cancer.   My father-in-love has been fighting it for a little over two years.  Eight weeks ago, he was told it had spread throughout his body after being in remission for a year.  The news was hard for us to hear, but not a total shock.   Dad has fought with such dignity and grace.  He is one of the most selfless men I have ever met in my life, and refuses to be a burden to anyone.   Your prayers would be appreciated now as we walk out his final days here with us.

Saturday, my husband and I went for a visit – which turned into an emergency along our drive.  He was rushed to the hospital due to some complications.  He is still there and we pray he can come home to be with mom – where they both want him to be. 

As we drove, I couldn’t help but want to stop time and make life stand still.  It is why I love photography so much in the first place – we are able to capture life and forever have that memory.   We left early enough that we were able to see the sunrise – most mornings I miss it driving the children to school.   Not Saturday, my husband drove while I snapped away for about a half hour of the drive.   Despite him driving about 70mph on the highway – I was still able to make time stand still and watch the sun take over the early morning sky.   It was also Christmas Eve day and I couldn’t help but think of heaven as the sun peaked through the clouds and above them.   Oh to see the glory of our Lord in His fullness!  I can only imagine.   God's glory fills the earth and I am so grateful for the peace I have even during a time such as this.  I hope you enjoy seeing the morning through my eyes, as much as, I did capturing it!

I exposed for the brightest part in the sky – NOT the sun.   I wanted to capture the different colors in the sky as well – so I made sure my Kelvin settings were right for each sky shot I was taking.   I will not be editing these because quite frankly I can’t perfect what God already has!   A brand new day filled with the glory of the Lord – spoke of good things to come in 2012.  I look forward to all that God has waiting for me.  I look forward to seeing every moment through His eyes of love!

I love the next two shots – I was so excited that I captured these as we zoomed on by!  Boy was I thankful my husband just had his car cleaned or there was NO way I would have gotten any of these shots! Winking smile

Of course I had to capture the bright sky behind me, because up ahead a storm looked like it was brewing!

We went from bright blue skies to this in a matter of 10 minutes!  I had my ss pretty fast so I would have clear shots of every scene that we were passing.  Oh I love the drama in this stormy sky! 

Later this week I will share the photos of the sunset on our ride home.   It was just as amazing!  Only God could paint the sky so perfectly!   No need to add a single thing to what He has done and can do for us!

Tomorrow, I will share some shots I have been hoping to capture after seeing a photo on *Pinterest a few months ago!   They definitely say Happy New Year!  Open-mouthed smile
This month I will be giving away a few cute camera gifts to our winner!   Be sure to enter your best SOOC shots into our good to WOW SOOC group.   Top 3 will be announced this week – remember to vote for your favorite SOOC of December Open-mouthed smile

Now let’s see your New Year’s shots!

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