Sunday, January 29, 2012

Be Still SONday

Mold me.

Heal me.

Guide me.

Build me.

Strengthen me.

Teach me.

Hold me.

Protect me.

Show me.

Speak to me.

Walk with me.

Go before me.

Know me.

Break me.

Love me.

Rule my heart and life.

Your way.

Today, I ask you to truly allow God to search your heart and show you all the areas in your life where you are not letting, God, be God.    Pray each statement above and before you say them, add “God…”.  

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God, make me the person You meant me to be.   Help me to be still, quiet, hushed and humbled in Your presence, as You open Yourself up to me in a clearer, richer, and deeper way.

God, be me all in all.

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Walking with you to the depth of His love today.  


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