Friday, January 6, 2012

Birth Photographer | {Family Time}

I think my favorite part of the birthing experience (outside of capturing the actual birth) was definitely when all of the family arrived to meet him.  Watching his siblings welcome him into their family was priceless.  I won’t forget these moments any time soon,  and I know the family will cherish them for years to come.  





Everyone was worried how the baby of the family would do with meeting his new brother –


…it didn’t take him long to take on the role of the wonderful big brother!!!!




I don’t know about you – but nothing melts my heart like seeing a newborn baby in the arms of his grandparents…these two are full of joy, love and wisdom!  They will be doting over him for years to come!  He is one very loved little boy!!!!



I’m so thankful for the opportunity to capture extraordinary moments like these – they truly make me a better woman!

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