Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fun + Change?

Two words that don’t usually go together.

Most of us will do everything we can to avoid change in our lives.

Change means we are out of control.

Change means we have to be flexible.

Change means we have to trust what is ahead us, is for our good.

But sometimes change is fun and we enjoy it.

Like for example the change I made this week, which may be really vain and silly to some, but it was a big change for me…


I have had dark brown hair (my natural color) for the last 3.5 yrs.  Yet, for the last three months I have been longing to change it to red.  But couldn’t bring myself to really do it, until this week.   Now, I’m so glad I did.  

As you know, I made a huge change 6 months ago with my diet.   I had been a die hard vegan for 9 years until this past August.  That change was hard to do, but very necessary for my health. 

Here I am 6 months later comfortable with my new diet (GF, DF and eating animal protein) and truly thankful that I didn’t reject the advice being given to me.   Each change came with their own set of challenges, but I met them head on and pushed through.

Today, I made another change all for the purpose of optimal health – for me and nobody else but me.  I began to exercise again.  I could list a 100 good excuses why I stopped walking daily, but none of them matter.  It was a choice, and I allowed life and how busy it gets raising 9 children, being a wife, starting a photography business, loving on my in-love’s as we all faced dad’s cancer again, and then finally last week winning the battle, get in the way of me taking care of me.  Not any more. 

This morning, I dropped the children off at a school, ran a few quick errands and then hurried home.   I got myself a bottle of water and headed to the basement to rebound and then use our elliptical machine.   I know that sounds pretty basic and even slightly boring.   However, I assure you, it was anything but basic or boring.  Within 10 minutes I began to sweat.   THIS IS A HUGE CHANGE for me!   I was a classically trained dancer from a very young age and never sweat during an hour long dance class.  I would only sweat during the very hot and humid days of summer (even then, not so much).   But any other form of exercise, I barely broke a sweat at all. 

My body is healing.  Slowly, but surely it is changing from the inside out.   I can’t see the changes taking place, but I can definitely feel them on a day like today.  It was so encouraging to me.   I ran to the phone to call my husband.  Like most of you, he wasn’t as excited as I am.   But he was thrilled to hear my joy.

The point of this very long story is that even hard changes are for our good.   It may take years for us to see the good in them.  But if you give it time and persevere through the challenges, you too will see good come from the positive changes you are making in your life.

Pinned Image

Can I get an AMEN?  How true is that quote?  It has proven true over and over again in my life.  I could write a book with that as my title!!!!  

This quote is how I’m choosing to live…

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and hope to be known!!!!!

I hope you took the time to read the post I shared last week with tons of wisdom for taking back your health and breaking free from your personal challenges in 2012.  If not, then go now and stop letting fear of change stand in your way of becoming the most amazing you, be all that you were created to be!

Live life to the fullest.  Love with reckless abandon.  Laugh until your side hurts.  Dance as if no one is watching.   Do the things you never got around to doing last year.   Make a list of all the things you truly want to change in your life and begin checking off that list today!  

I’m here cheering you on!   You can do it!  



  1. Hi Jill....have fun being a red-head! I am also enjoying my recent hair-color.

    It just gives me a little pick-me-up to wash away those grays! (:>)

    Your color is pretty.

  2. I love this friend! I too have needed the boost to get back on my healthy routine ... to exercise and eat the way I need to. This was the encouragement I needed and the kick too :)

    Love you oodles.

    PS My elliptical is waiting.

  3. I love the quote about change. I've admired you as you've undergone the change from vegan to eating healthy meats. That's a huge change, and you made it with dignity.

    Your hair color is so pretty. It brightens up your whole face!

  4. Change can be both easy and hard.... Depending on what it is and how you approach it. Awesome encouragement, lady! So enjoying this life changing journey with you!


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