Monday, January 16, 2012

Newborn Photographer | Mom and Son

As of mom of 4 boys, I can safely say my relationship with them is very different than with our daughters.   They adore me in a way the girls never have.   They have wanted to marry me Smile  They are quick to notice when I dress up for their daddy.   They are first to notice my new haircut and color changes too.   Yes, our sons never waste a minute to make sure I know how loved and beautiful I am to them.   Their wives are going to be richly blessed by each of them.   They are learning to adore women, care for them, and protect them.  

I think that is why when I capture a newborn son being held by his mother, my heart smiles deeply.   I know what awaits them both and all the love they will share in the years to come.   It is magical to capture the depth of her love for her precious son as she dreams of his future.  

Take a look…





Tomorrow I will share a few of my favorite shots of them together…

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