Sunday, February 12, 2012

Be Still SONday

Oh how I long to rest deeply in the peace of the Lord.   The choice is mine.

Just because O laugh a lot.

The sweetness of His love, nothing can touch.

The joy of the Lord, truly is my strength.

This week has left me feeling a greater need for Him and His grace.

I am thankful for the way He has met me in the dark moments and guided me to see the truth when my heart ached for answers. 

Our God, is so incredibly patient with us.   His love comes softly and yet, will sweep you completely off your feet.  

There is freedom in surrender.  

I woke up today knowing I must surrender more of myself, so that the interior freedom I long for will be mine in all areas of my life. 

I must step out in faith during the trials and put my heart fully into the hands of the ONE who created me.

I must step out in faith during the days I wish to run and hide, and allow Him to lead me right through the pain.

I will step out in faith.

Because He is faithful.

God, has never let me down.  

He promises to be our all in all.

And He is.

Faith and Timing

We simply must trust in that and let God, be God.

So today, I will be praying that I will surrender the areas in my heart that He has shown me still don’t belong to Him, and the areas of my life that I have not given Him, that He has been asking me to lay at His feet.  

One thing to keep in mind as you step out in faith…

luke 1:37



Listen and praise Him with me…


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