Sunday, February 19, 2012

Be Still SONday

What if love will hurt?

What if love means you have to walk through pain to receive the blessings?

What if love means giving up your way? 

What if love means that you are not in control anymore?

What if love means letting go and trusting God with your heart, life, and all of your hopes and dreams?

What if love doesn’t feel or look anything like you imagined it would?

Would you still be willing to love?

Would you still be willing to risk your heart knowing it might endure great trials to ever receive the blessing of peace, and joy?

What is greater than love?

I can’t name one thing. 

Because God, is LOVE.

Nothing I will endure is greater than the cross that He endured for me.

Nothing I will have to give up is greater than His leaving heaven for me.

Nothing I will ever have to accept will be greater than dealing with rejection from those you came to love and save.

Nothing I will ever have to say, “no” or “yes” to will be harder than all that He gave up and was tempted by. 

Love is worth it all.

Even when it doesn’t feel like it or look how we expected, or hoped.

It is worth giving up our way, plans, and desires for. 

Because love is a sacrifice.

Love is put into action.

The reaping of love is so much greater than all that we could ever sow.  Because God, is the re-warder of those who put their hope and trust in Him, alone.

Be still today and focus on His enormous love for you.  Let that thought overwhelm you, and inspire you to live today and each day forward with reckless abandon of loving Him back.

What if the rain only comes to bring the flowers?   Would it be worth it? 


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