Thursday, March 15, 2012

In Love | N. Virginia Photographer

I know we are well past Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t stop my heart from totally overflowing with love for my husband, children, and life. 

There have been days where I would give anything to change lives for a moment, a day, or even a week.   You know the hard days.   The days where nothing goes right.   The days where all of your children are arguing, lying, hurting each other and you.  The days where things break all at once.   You know those days.   Right?  

God, in His amazing ways continues to show me to embrace even the hardest of days, because in the darkest moments He can shine the brightest.    I have doubted that.   I have even thought there is no way God will show up to redeem this situation.   How absolutely foolish of me.   Because I know for a fact that nothing is too big for MY GOD!  Nothing!    Not the hardest of hearts.  Not even the worst day is a match for the faithfulness of God.   His love wins.   You can try to deny this truth, but it will never change it.

I love how God will use everything in our lives to teach us this simple fact…I AM!  

He has used a puppy in the arms of my amazing husband to bring me to my knees in gratefulness.   This adorable scene is almost as good (if not better in some ways at this stage in my life) a daddy holding a newborn baby.    To see the complete gentle side of your husband is truly a gift from God.   Over and over again, I fall in love with this man!   I can’t wait to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary in May.   I am definitely the luckiest woman I know!  





If you would have told me a year ago when I first brought up the idea of another dog, let alone a week ago that I would be this in love with a dog…I would have never believed you.   But God knew, and my puppy has melted my heart into complete mush in ways no one or anything else could!  

Wishing you all a day filled to overflowing with love!

Be blessed and a blessing,


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