Friday, April 27, 2012

Furry Favorite Friday | N. Virginia Photographer

Charlie is definitely the cutest puppy I have ever seen and I am still completely smitten with him!

I think you will agree once you see these photos I snapped of him in my studio the other day.   

These are SOOC – natural light only and his sweet little personality.   He is now almost 20 weeks old and about 4.5 pounds.

Puppy head tilt absolutely kills me!   OH MY GOODNESS is he cute! charlie-7590charlie-7593

I can’t believe how fast his hair has grown out already.  He was just groomed two and half weeks ago.   You can also see from the next few photos he has grown too.   Don’t get me wrong he is still super tiny but he is bigger for sure.   He is built like a little boy and very sturdy for his size.   He definitely holds his own with his big brother Caspian – they are now best friends.




Raise your hand if all this cuteness made you smile!  **** hand raised right here!!!! ****

Have a beautiful and blessed weekend!


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