Monday, April 16, 2012

Stop Don’t Move! | N. Virginia Photographer

Saturday I took our daughters to get their hair cut.   Our oldest was sitting across from me after lunch and I literally jumped up for the table and told her, “do NOT move, stay right there!”   The other girls were cracking up watching me run off into my studio.  They all knew where I was going and what I was bringing back with me.

The light was absolutely gorgeous on her face.  I had to capture it.  Her eyes are stunning and truly match her hair color now.   With that I snapped the following five photos.  



Seriously, just look at the light and how it lit up her eyes. Can you blame me for running like mad to capture these?





Just like that the light was gone.   Never miss a moment to capture the beauty of your children or the light. 

Wishing you all an amazing and blessed week!  Lots of fun photos to share this week!


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