Monday, May 14, 2012

Family FUNNIES!!! | N. Virginia Photographer

Well, it is NO surprise that I have 350 photos from our time back in PA with my husband’s family.  
Allow me to share some funny moments with you.   These have already been approved by my MIL who told me to take them to show you.
If only a photo could talk – HA HA HA!  I will leave you now to some serious giggling! 
You should all know that my MIL is one of the best cooks ever!  Seriously – for real!    Now, before you scroll down  you should also know my very first Mother’s Day with her, she served me undercooked chicken.  LOL!   Mom, I love you so!!!!!
All of these photos are SOOC…
Upon arriving she let us know there was a “little” mishap with the grill.   My husband had not seen it yet, so I wanted to be sure to capture his reaction.   HA HA HA!
This is my BIL reaction and you can see my SIL and MIL were cracking up just as hard as I was…but I had to hold the camera steady to catch this.  Oh my word – PRICELSS!!!
Mums the word on this story but our family will be laughing for a long time looking at this photo.  He he he!

I have plenty of wonderful moments and memories to share with you this week – I pray all of you had a blessed and beautiful Mother’s Day!  

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