Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hair Envy | N. Virginia Photographer

Yeah I’ll admit, I’m TOTALLY jealous of her hair.  She seriously never has a bad hair day.  Even when she throws it up into a ponytail it looks awesome.  

Sometimes I come home after dropping the kids off at school and she looks like this (someone has been a little busy practicing with my professional make-up kit too!)…so of course it is the perfect excuse to do a mini photo session!


It is OK if you are a tad bit jealous too.  I understand!  I live with her Open-mouthed smile


I put my new softbox behind her and turned it on – used ONLY the natural light coming in from the window she was sitting next to and it caused the softbox to turn this pretty peach.  MMmmmm goodness!

Created with my 5D Mark ii – 50mm 1.4


As I mentioned yesterday, I have more to share.   Until then, have a beautiful and blessed day!


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