Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lovely and Loved |N. Virginia Photographer

One of the best things about being a mom is getting homemade gifts and cards, or handwritten “I’m sorry notes.”   I can’t bring myself to throw any of them away.  So you can just imagine how many I have with 9 children, and several of them LOVE giving me notes on a regular basis.  Which is wonderful for so many reasons.

Mother’s Day brought with it several homemade cards and gifts this year.  But this card takes the cake!!!  My husband and I laughed pretty hard after reading our sons responses on this letter for me and about me. 


HA HA HA!   My son never really sees me run.  Why?  Because I walk, not run!  I cracked up that he thinks I’m smart because I know a lot about the human body too.   Way too cute and can’t wait to pull this out with him 10-15 yrs from now. 

I love that I am able to see past their sweet smiles for a photo and look deep into the heart of our children – love shines through every single one of them!  Not to mention cuteness – BIG TIME!



I love watching my husband love on our children and seeing a side of him that no one else ever gets to enjoy!


These two beautiful young women love him deeply!


I cherish every moment with my MIL and watching her with our children.   They adore her is quite the understatement!!!!



I am truly blessed by my husband’s family and their love.   It has been amazing to watch my husband and his sister’s relationship blossom this past year as they walked through dad’s journey hand in hand!   I love them both so much! 

OK, seriously how gorgeous is my SIL???  This was after running around all day and attending my nephews baseball game! 



It is hard to believe that my nephew will soon turn 13 and is almost taller than Lexi! 


And no special holiday would ever be complete without the amazing fruit tart…simply a slice of heaven ever single time!  Even if I can only have a tiny piece – I enjoy every single morsel of it!  Who else loves to pick the fruit off?  I know you do, so don’t even try to pretend you haven’t done it.  LOL!


I enjoyed sharing some of what is lovely to me and those in whom I love and am so blessed to be loved by!

Wishing you a beautiful and blessed day!


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