Monday, May 21, 2012

Posing Workshop | N. Virginia Photographer

Yesterday, I met up with 10 other photographers in DC at The Yards for a posing workshop.   I had a blast walking them through how to pose a couple and a woman in different locations and outfits.  I spent time also showing them how to work in extreme lighting situations outside and how to use your surroundings as a reflector.

To all the photographers who came out yesterday, thank you!   What an awesome group of people you are and I look forward to watching each of you blossom! 

Before I share a sneak peak just look at this amazing bridge and Fifi on it!  Hello BEAUTIFUL lines!!!





I showed them how I would capture her and then ran off to the second group all photographing Alex and Ashley. 



One thing that surprised the group was my comfort level in asking the couple and model to do the following (thanks Lexi for taking these shots Smile)


Until they saw how gorgeous the shot was going to be…






Fifi, thank you again for being so willing to try everything I asked and to do it all so BEAUTIFULLY!   I can’t wait to share more of my favorites of you this week!   See you soon in the studio for your very own I AM BEAUTIFUL session!

I was thankful for the gorgeous weather because I had an idea and would NEVER have asked the couple to do it if it were not warm enough.  Well, maybe I would have.  he he he!


Again, totally worth it to get shots like this!


And like this:








I am so thankful Lexi was taking behind the scenes photos for me.   I love these next two – ha ha ha my hair matches the door!  Open-mouthed smile



I can’t emphasis enough how important it is to become totally comfortable and confident as a photographer in posing your clients.   Practice, practice, practice, and practice some more.  Until, you have so many ideas in your mind that you are able to explain and help your clients feel 100% comfortable executing. 

One of my favorite things about hosting these get togethers and workshops is making new friends and builder a stronger photography community!  


I will be sharing many of my favorites from this workshop throughout the week.   Alex and Ashley, thank you for coming to spend the day with our group!  You were adorable and so much fun to capture together.  Happy 2 year Anniversary!!!! 

Happy Monday everyone – make it blessed and beautiful!


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