Thursday, June 14, 2012

He Asked! | N. Virginia Portrait Photographer

My beloved actually asked me to photograph him last week so I could once again practice with my lighting in the studio.   YES, ladies he really did!  Guess what is even better??  He wants to do it again because he enjoyed our time together.  How is that for supporting my dreams and passion for photography?   I am the luckiest woman!!!! 

We began with glasses on and his sweet, yet, serious look that he gives to me.  He is a thinker and lives to know the truth!

Jill Samter Photography

The next photo our children all want in their room.  Open-mouthed smile


He took his glasses off and we both giggle because he knows how much I love just looking into his eyes.  Yes, he still makes me swoon and get giddy!

Jill Samter Photography


He gave me the, “you have about five more minutes to play and I’m done signal.”   While I was playing with the lights I quickly captured this shot and I love it!


I then asked him to look right at me and this is the sweet face I fell in love with over 11 years ago.


I love this man and look forward to growing old together.   I love learning things of importance from him and putting them into practice in my own life.    I love that he helps me become a better wife, mother, daughter, and friend just by the example he leads by.  I love that he is my greatest cheerleader and closest friend.   I love that he still looks at me the same way he did on our very first date. Smile   Maybe some day I’ll share that story with all of you.  It is pretty cute!   Until then, have a blessed and beautiful day.   Tomorrow, my sweet husband will be on the blog with Charlie (who wanted in on this photo session before it ended!).


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