Thursday, June 21, 2012

Red Thread Session {Family} | N. Virginia Photographer

You met Tadelech and my beautiful friend Maria.  Now allow me to introduce you to her other children as well.   Their personalities are each so unique, funny, silly, carefree, intense, inquisitive, and loving.   They are deeply loved by their parents and family.   They live and laugh with all that a child can!   They have embraced their baby sister and she knows how loved she is by each of them!!!







Our children stood off to the side watching me capture Maria with her children.   The minute I was done they came running in to get photos taken with Aunt Maria and Tadie!  They love them both so much!!!


ria-kids-0164 ria-kids-0169

Aunt Maria, we all love you and miss you already!   We can’t wait to swim and play together again!   Thank you for our special gifts and all the yummy breads you brought us!!!! 

Speaking of swimming, I captured these real quick to show you how gorgeous their blue eyes are (no retouching on them):



Tomorrow, you will enjoy a peak at Tadelech showing her pure joy over my puppy Charlie!  Way too cute to miss, so come on back!

Wishing you all a blessed and beautiful day!


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