Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer’s Blessings | N. Virginia Photographer

This summer I am focusing on finding a new blessing every single day in my life and being grateful for them!
The children often make that very easy for me to do, just by being them.  
Silly, funny, carefree, adorable, adventurous, curious, loving, and all together GOOFY!
I don’t have to beg our children to allow me to capture them doing things,  because they are usually the ones asking me to hurry and go get my camera.   Yes, its true…they love having me take photos of them.    Yes, its also true that I don’t always have my camera on me or with me.   Thus, my need to go run for it quite often!  
However, in the summer time I try to remember to never go outside with them unless I have my camera with me.  Same thing when we go anywhere together, it is in my bag!   You can never recreate a moment if not captured immediately – it is lost.  Nor can you have a do-over of a first, a skill learned or an experience together!   It is no wonder that each year I have the most photos of the children during the summer.

Back to my summer blessings and what happens when they all realize their sunglasses match!

I was getting the, “we are too cool for school, because it is SUMMER TIME BABY!” look.

I’m loving counting my blessings so far.   Can you blame me?  
OK, now it’s your turn to go count your blessings!  Ready?  Set?  GO!
Wishing you a super blessed and beautiful day!

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