Monday, July 9, 2012

A Sneak Peak of Anne | N. Virginia Portrait Photographer

Have you ever met a person and immediately felt like you couldn’t wait to see them again, spend time with them, and just get to know them?   Well, that is exactly what happened when Anne and I met three months ago.   Our hearts are united on so many levels and we share a passion to STOP human trafficking.   When I asked her to join me for the promo video and allow me to share her beauty, without hesitation she emailed me back, “Yes!”

Here are just a few of my favorites from her session with me.


As you can clearly see, Anne is naturally breathtaking!  She and her husband own the salon I got to in Frederick, MD {Sam Wong Salon}.  Every product they use is all natural.  Which is a huge blessing to all of their clients whether they realize it or not.

Part of this project is to empower each woman by writing the words, “I AM BEAUTIFUL” before they begin our session.  You will see that they each owned these three words and were proud to hold up their sign!



Anne your eyes are so captivating!


Anne and I wanted to have a quick photo of us to remember this special day together, and I adore these two shots of us!



Every beauty session a professional team of hair and make-up artists are available to bring out your beauty!   I am thrilled to be working with Alison Harper and Company.   Here are a few shots of Caitlin working with Anne during our photo session.


Anne, your beauty is such a blessing to be around and capture.  Again, thank you for joining me on this project and allowing me the privilege of photographing you for the world to see.   You my friend are BEAUTIFUL and STUNNING! 


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