Thursday, July 19, 2012

The After Glow | N. Virginia Portrait Photographer

Oh the beautiful after glow that comes the moment you give birth and smell your precious child for the first time.  

I had that exact same emotional and physical reaction this week the moment you were able to view my finished promo video for the ‘I AM BEAUTIFUL’ PROJECT.   Instead of an intimate setting my heart was before hundreds of you all at once.  I literally gave birth to my hearts deepest passion for women everywhere!   If only you could have seen my face as the number climbed on the status tracker.   Or when the emails began to come in from women all over the country sharing their stories of pain with me and how this project has touched their hearts in a way they never expected.   I am pretty sure this after glow is going to stick around for a little while longer.  

My heart has been crying out for women long before I was old enough to truly understand the depth of pain I would face in my own life.  It has been a silent whisper that has only gotten stronger as the years have come and gone.  I can now see how every trial I faced and ever set back was all preparation for a time such as this.   I am now able to be thankful for every bit of it.  That wasn’t always the case.  Sometimes I would let it hold me back from becoming more, better, and learn from the situation.   Sometimes I would resist the lesson so much that I would waste so much energy fighting that I would lose sight of what I was really fighting against or for.   One day I woke up and decided no more resisting.  I had to let it all go and trust in God to make beauty from the ashes before me.  

That’s exactly what He did.  He never fails me with His love.  He never fails to fulfill His promises either.  

I receive the same after glow simply basking in His presence.   That’s exactly what I did for two hours last night when the house was quiet and everyone was sweetly tucked into bed.   I played several of my favorite worship songs over and over and over again.   I never tire of being swept up by His love for me.   It is the air I breath and long for when my soul is tired and my heart is aching.   Which is how I was left at the end of the day yesterday.   Even with the after glow filling me up, the truth of what is going on around me was sucking the very life from my bones.   Every story you all share with me, literally becomes a part of me.   They are now the breath within me to not give up and to walk this project out as long as He continues to give it life. 

When you chase after a dream and you force yourself to not give up despite the obstacles in the way – capturing it and living it almost become surreal.   I had to fight against the negative voices in my head several times trying to take me back to a time in my life when I didn’t believe I was good enough or had anything worthy to share.  I know the truth and it continues to set me free.   I look the lies in the face and tell them to be quiet.   Because I refuse to listen to them anymore and I pray you will choose the same for yourselves.   Walk with me in beauty and love.   Together we can be the soft whisper of change in the lives of women everywhere.  Love is a powerful thing and each of us must believe the following…


This project has helped me in ways I never expected it to.  But that is exactly the kind of God we serve and love.  He uses all things for our good and His glory.   His love for me continues to blow me away.  

Whatever your excuse is for not scheduling a beauty session of your own, I pray that today you will look the lie(s) in the face and tell them to hush once and for all!   I pray you will believe  that you are worthy to say out loud to yourself “I AM BEAUTIFUL”, and to see how beautiful you are even when you don’t feel it.   Beauty my friends is what shines from deep within us.   When it is released and set free, nothing can compare.  









I believe it is plain to see that beauty is alive in all of us!   Each unique.  Each special.   Each with a story to tell.  Each with a beauty all our own.   I look forward to telling your story and creating art with your extraordinary beauty!  

Wishing you a beautiful and blessed day!


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