Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Three Generations of Love | N. Virginia Portrait Photographer

What a blessing to share my project and passion with one of the most important and beautiful women in my life!    My mother-in-love has been such a huge encouragement to me for the last three years to pursue my dreams and passions.   She didn’t even think twice about making the three hour drive down to support me and be a part of my promo video for the I AM BEAUTIFUL PROJECT!   She blesses me with her wisdom, laughter, the way she listens and questions me about things, the example of her choices and friendships, how she is true to her words, and her tremendous love!

I had so much fun sharing the day with her and capturing her beauty for the world to see.



Mom, thank you for making us all laugh.  I can’t remember exactly what we were sharing, but it warms my heart to look at these!  I love you!



us3_0796 (1)

I wanted three generations photographed for the project and was really excited that it turned out to be us!   Janice, the videographer for the project was sweet enough to agree to use my camera to take the photos above for us.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart Janice for capturing our laughter and love!   It means the world to us and we will treasure these for years to come. 

Again, thank you Alison Harper and Company, your team did an amazing job on hair and make-up. 


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