Wednesday, August 15, 2012

18 Years of Growing | N. Virginia Portrait Photographer

I can NOT even believe I’m writing about my baby girl turning 18 today.   I remember the day I first felt her moving inside of me.  I remember the first time I saw her face during an ultrasound.   I remember her very first cry like it was yesterday.   I remember all the firsts we shared together and through the years one thing remains the same…my love keeps on growing for her.   She is the one who taught me love grows best lived fully!   She is the one who taught me loving someone this much can equally hurt just as much.   I have learned many things through the blessing of her life!   
Lexi as you officially become a woman and adult today, may you continue to walk through life with the zest for living as you have since the moment you were born.   You proved how strong you were from your very early start!  You have proven everything worth having is worth working for! 
May you walk through life knowing pain is just as much a blessing as joy.  
May you walk through life knowing love is the greatest of these and it grows the more we give.
May you always walk through life remembering you are loved just because you are you! 
May you laugh more than you cry and when you cry don’t hold it back, because the tears feel just as good as the laughter.  Both remind us we are alive!

When it is hardest to pray, pray more.   When it is hardest to give, give even more.   When it is hardest to praise God, praise Him more.  When it is hardest to embrace the joy in your circumstances, go out and JUMP for JOY!  
When life seems to go every way but how you hoped or expected it to, remember He is leading you to greater things and places.  Never give up hope and faith in the One who loves you most.   He will never give up on you!   
When it is hardest to love, love more. Love never fails. Love covers a multitude of sin. Love is the greatest sacrifice you will ever make in this life.  Remain humble and strive to have a servants heart in everything you and everywhere you go.
And just in case you ever forget, I love you to the moon and back little one.   I wish you all God’s richest blessings this year! 
Happy 18th Birthday to one of the most beautiful women I know!  
You make me grateful to be given the name Mom 18 years ago! 
MUAH! I love you!!!!

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