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Words to live by.

I am taking a deep breath before I begin this post because it has been written in my mind now for a few weeks.   If it were not for my photography business and keeping in touch with some dear friends around the globe…I would have deleted my FB account just from the sheer nonsense I have seen blasted all over it.

At the moment I’m talking to all of my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.   Why are we fighting a battle that is not ours?   Our battle is to fight against our own sin.   We are to deny ourselves daily and pick up His cross.   We are to love above everything else.   Not judge (lest we be judged).   Not point out the sins of our friends, family, and neighbors.  Nope.  Not our job.   We are to be the hands and feet of Jesus.   Who I should remind us all that He regularly hung out with the prostitutes, lepers, and the least of these.   He didn’t shun anyone. Nor should we.  He welcomed the thief on the cross into paradise with Him.   We are to follow Him and do as He did.  We are to HATE the sin but LOVE the sinner. 

We need to be examples of the truth so many try to beat over the heads of their friends and family with all over social media.   How will they know we are His???  BY OUR LOVE!!!!  

Now tell me someone please????  How is our fighting this battle helping anyone love more?

You want to fight a battle worth fighting???  Go speak up about abortion, human/sex trafficking of minors and women.   Go link arms with those on the front lines of these horrific modern day SINS!!!!!  

Going to eat at a fast food chain today is NOT going to change what is happening around the world or make one bit of difference in eternity.   Nor, is it going to show anyone that you are right and they are wrong.   Nor, will it prove that you and I are followers of the ONE and only true and living GOD who LOVES them too. 

I will NEVER be convinced that this is a cause Jesus wants us fighting.   VOTE for men and women who honor the bible.   VOTE for men and women who stand for the TRUTH.    But don’t try and pretend your vote for a businessman and his right to say what he wants will change a thing in this lifetime.  It won’t.   Because if you believe that then you need to stop shopping at several HUGE chains and NOT buy gas from some of the biggest suppliers in this country.  Because they are pro-choice and involved in modern day slavery.    


What does love look like in action?   Sacrifice what you want for someone else.   Give up being right to do what is right.   Give up getting your way to do His way.   Give up being heard to listen.  Give up fighting for loving!


Last week I saw this video on FB and thought, “How many will simply agree with this video because they don’t know the truth?”   Sad fact is, many of you reading this post will watch this video and might walk away agreeing with it.   If you agree with any of it, agree that she makes ONLY one good point and that is we have to live out our faith fully and not just when it is easy to do it.  We must stand up for truth and that is exactly what I’m going to do before you watch the video which is SOOOOO far from it.

But before we get to the video, I need to address a few points in it:

#1 NO where in the bible does God say that any of the sinful marriages are traditional or to be what we follow or how we live.   He does the exact opposite and punishes those in the Old Testament for going against what He said and asked of them.

#2 Using the bible out context is NEVER good theology and will NEVER end in truth.   It ends in a bunch of passion for a cause which often times like this have ZERO effect on furthering the KINGDOM.

#3  In the beginning, God created…Adam and then Eve.  He created them to populate the Earth.   He created marriage.  It was done His way from the beginning.   Man and woman.   You don’t have to like that fact or agree with.  But it doesn’t change the truth.   You want to be mad about that, take it up with God.   Because arguing amongst each other won’t do anyone any good.   It just soaks up time, energy, and zaps all of us of love.

#4 Whether anyone likes what he said, he has a right to freedom of speech and to run his business in a way that works for him.   If you are going to hold him to a certain standard then you better be ready to do it with 100’s of other businesses much worse than his personal beliefs.   Funny how state representatives are trying to fight his business coming into their towns, yet they willingly allow abortion clinics to open, have human trafficking going on all around them, and are very aware of the children being sold for things I get sickened to think about.

#5 This woman wants us (believers) to act like what we believe in.   OK, that is what the owner did.  He is living out his faith whether it is popular or not…because he believes in the truth and is willing to fight for it.   You want to be angry at him for that?   Sure doesn’t make any sense to me.  Believers lets show them we will fight for what we believe in, but our actions.   LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, and LOVE some more all over the place.  Go ahead out for your fast food meal and while you are there spread around some LOVE!   Don’t give her or anyone else for that matter another opportunity to say negative things about the TRUTH!  Because you and I are to be living it out.   We are the reason she has a video up in the first place…if it were not for our constant hypocrisy, there would be NO fight to fight.   We would be winning the world over by HIS LOVE!

I could go on and on but enough has been said.  Praying for hearts to turn back to God and be still, so that His love can win this battle right where it begins…inside each of us!

As you watch her rant, remember the truth and go SPREAD IT!!!!!

Any comment that is full of hate or disrespect will be deleted before anyone can read it.  So, keep your negative comments to yourself.   Speak truth and love or please remain silent.  Thank you!

[micah 6:8]

Wishing you all a LOVELY day!


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