Monday, September 10, 2012

A Treasured Moment…

It is hard to believe that our youngest son will be six in a little over three months.  I’m not exactly sure where time has gone.  But it sure continues to fly by.   Thus, my complete passion to capture every extraordinary moment along the way. 

I’m so thankful I still have this photo.  It was taken two days after we brought our son home from Guatemala.  Let’s just say he SCREAMED a lot and we all needed some sleep.   This was a sweet nap time and bonding moment for him and daddy. 

Our son is still the best cuddle bug of our bunch.  He still adores being in the exact position above on daddy any chance he gets.   Which I love to see and they both truly enjoy.   We celebrated our son’s 5th gotcha day in our family while at the beach in NC.   He was thrilled to have the entire day be all about him and our love for him.   He especially loved having special pizza and treats at night.  


But I would say hands down this moment was his absolute favorite of the day!



Every night after dinner we would race to catch the sunset and just enjoy the view.  While they were doing that, I was having fun doing this….


Then I jumped in with our sweet man to have a moment to treasure forever too! 

More vacation photos to come…have a blessed week everyone!


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