Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Oh ok, maybe the title of this post really should have been “SCARED OUT OF HIS LITTLE MIND!”

Because for the first five days that is how our day went at the beach.  He would do everything he could to get OUT of the ocean and away from the waves.   Poor guy HATED it.  

But I couldn’t pass up capturing how the week went and ended…which I’m very thankful for now!


Every day was the same routine…go in holding onto daddy’s hand for dear life and then RUNNING as hard as he could to get back safely onto the dry sand.   Where he happily played for four hours a day!


He got himself so worked up after this fall that he didn’t bother trying to walk out…


What are big brothers for if not to help you pick back up your trunks right?  

Moving onto day six – where something clicked in him and he became FEARLESS!  We were so proud and he made me promise I was capturing it all!  Open-mouthed smile





I believe that last photo says it all!   He can’t wait to go back to the beach next year.  Let’s all agree to pray it doesn’t take him six days to realize he will be OK getting a little wet by the waters edge.   OK?   Thanks!

Wishing you all a beautiful and blessed day!


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  1. So glad little man finally became FEARLESS!!! Woohoo!!! such funny pics -- and how awesome you got the whole "brother pulling up your britches for the camera" shot! haha!


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