Thursday, September 27, 2012

I Scream. You Scream. We all scream for…FROYO!

Well, it had to happen eventually and why not on her 18th birthday, right? 
We now love trying frozen yogurt places for special occasions – like birthdays.    The best one by far is in Kitty Hawk, NC., Surf and Spoon.  Oh my they have frozen sorbet that is ALL natural, vegan, and crazy DELICIOUS!   The kids and I don’t like the frozen yogurt at these chain places because seriously it tastes like cold cardboard and has nothing but fake ingredients.   But I digress.  
This post is about how much fun we had finishing off her birthday celebration with our first trip to FROYO.    How cool that Sweet Frog has shirts that say Fully Rely On God!   LOVE IT!   It was nice to support a Christian business while enjoying a special treat.
Lexi had a blast filling up her cup with all kinds of treats from when she was a little girl – way before we ate healthy!!!!
My cup is on the left and I didn’t finish it…cardboard flavor is just not my thing, neither is anything dairy!
She was taking a photo for her soon to be college roommate (who happens to have a major crush on all FROYO!).
Lexi loved every bite!  So did her younger sister who we now know has a MAJOR sweet tooth and has eyes bigger than her tummy!   But that didn’t stop her from filling her cup to the top!
My sweet husband shared with our youngest son.  I couldn’t resist capturing them enjoying this special treat – their love for one another is so evident and special to watch!
Meanwhile, this little one was hamming it up and everyone around us was smitten with her.   She was loving all the attention and wanted to be sure I was getting her pink patent leather shoes in the picture. HA!
That smile didn’t last long once we went outside for a group photo and she had to share a seat with her older brother.   He he he – she is just too much!

Yep, she can hold a grouchy, icky, and not so nice face for a good long time!   We truly embrace this saying, “good thing you are CUTE!”   It truly goes a long way with her!!!!
The next morning we woke up to another glorious day and I love this photo of Lexi with her daddy.   What a wonderful memory this one is for both of them!
Just a few more vacation photos to come and then it is time to switch gears!   I hope you are enjoying them…
Have a blessed and beautiful day!


  1. I updated your URL on my blog list of favorites. I love those pink shoes. They match the chair she was sitting in too. I can see that she is a popular sanguine personality. And yes, she is adorable. Good thing, right? LOL

    What a fun place to celebrate Lexi's birthday.

    Love you,

  2. Jill, I have missed your family posts, am so glad you're back online in this way!

  3. I always love getting your emails arriving at breakfast time - now I can comment on this blog! You go to the coolest places for birthdays! Love that shot with the chalk board............and those patent shoes!

    God Bless
    Rosie xxx


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