Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Moon Jellies???

Who remembers them?  I had forgotten about this kind of jellyfish, especially since I hadn’t seen one for over 34 yrs. at least.

They were everywhere in the ocean our third day and our children were NOT too excited about it.   It took our children a little bit of convincing that they would “really” not get stung by them before they would even go into the ocean, let alone touch them.  But once they were cool with it, they played with buckets full for hours. 


We were shocked our girly-girl touched them and swam in the ocean knowing they were all around her!


Lexi reassured all of her siblings it was really ok to hold them by running around catching the jellyfish in her hands.


I must admit they felt really neat in your hand, but not touching you everywhere in the ocean while swimming.  Unlike the children I did not stay in it very long. 




Our daughter above was hesitant to go back in because the water was full of the jellyfish and the waves were pretty strong for not being very tall.   As you will see below the waves did a number on her and all of the children.




That last wave was enough to keep her on the waters edge for a little while jumping over the waves with Lexi. 


I was so surprised and thankful the kids didn’t end up afraid of the ocean with how many times it knocked them down and under hard.   The boys loved it and went back for more all week long!

Wishing you all a blessed day – make it a beautiful one to remember!


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