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Tips to Remain Healthy During Cold/Flu Season


The above picture is how most people are feeling right now. Many have been hit by the flu already and we are not even into the worst part of the cold/flu season.   I know you are hearing how great the flu vaccine is and how it is now “mandatory” in several states for schools and even jobs.  That is beyond crazy!!!! 

Go read the truth and be set free - don't buy into fear - don't feel trapped or be bossed around to do anything that doesn't feel completely right for you and your family!  CLICK HERE!   I was going to write a very similar post, but Britt did such an awesome job!   Thanks Britt for sharing the truth so beautifully! Please read it and share with your loved ones! They need to know the truth too! 

Here is another important post to read by Dr. Mercola.   Vaccines are not the answer to stay healthy and avoid being sick throughout the year.  Taking good care of yourself is the best medicine you can ever take!

This is how you can help your body remain healthy during cold/flu season and throughout the year:
#1 Wash your hands
washing hands

Make sure you do this every time you are out in public before you do anything in your house - immediately come home and wash your hands. A good rule for how long to wash your hands is as long as it takes you to sing the A,B,C's or Happy Birthday to yourself.  Teach your children to wash their hands before eating and every time they go to the bathroom...especially if they attend school.  Pack a sanitizer gel/spray and use it when you are unable to wash your hands with soap...especially after touching grocery store carts!  We buy an organic one that is not harsh on your skin – you can find it here.

The other thing we do is wipe everything down that gets touched on a daily basis with Clorox wipes. We do this three times a week. Doorknobs, light switches, phones, computer keyboard and mouse, piano, toys, sinks, toilets, and anything else we all touch. It is a good idea to do this at work as well.  Your cellphone is loaded with germs.  Keep it clean too!

#2 Drink plenty of water
lemon water

Be sure you are drinking plenty of fluids. If you think you were near anyone who is sick - come home and gargle with salt water.  You can also warm up apple cider vinegar (organic we use Braggs) with a touch of cayenne, and raw honey.   I also drink tulsi tea daily and when I think I am coming down with anything I increase it up to six cups a day.   My favorite flavors are:  jasmine, red mango, peppermint, and lemon ginger.

#3 Sleep

Do your best to get enough sleep every night. Start going to bed a half hour earlier until you are getting at least 7 hours each night. Get into the habit of a night time ritual - similar to the one you do with your children. Make it soothing to get your body ready for sleep. Drink sleepy time teas and read a book an hour before bed. Turn the lights down in the house and listen to soothing music. Take a warm bath or shower if they don't stimulate you. Getting enough sleep is very important to keeping your immune system strong! 

#4 Exercise

Rebounding is my favorite form of exercise. It boosts the immune systems and drains the lymphatic system in 4 minutes! I use it daily for 15 minutes each morning. It tones every muscle from the inside out and is FUN to do!   Not to mention it helps manage your stress (which is a huge factor in our immune systems being weakened).   Find ways to lower and minimize your stress each day.   Allow yourself to have 10-15 minutes of complete quiet time with NO distractions (nothing electronic on or near you).   Simply just breath, close your eyes, and meditate upon all the blessings in your life.   Be thankful and grateful.   Both help build your immune system!

#5 Eat and juice plenty of green vegetables
Eat and juice plenty of vegetables. Try to eat only organic to avoid the toxins sprayed onto the vegetables and crops. Many vegetables have immune boosting vitamins in them! Not to mention the more greens you eat and drink - the healthier your blood will be!   AVOID sugar and all dairy products when you are starting to feel sick.  Both attack the immune system.

#6 Eat plenty of healthy fats

Be sure you are eating enough healthy fats - they help stop sugar cravings! Sugar lowers our immune system. Healthy fats (cold pressed olive oil, coconut oil and avocado)are anti-microbial, anti-viral and even kills yeast in the body. You can learn all about the benefits of health fats by reading my book.

Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fat and antioxidants like chlorophyll, carotenoids and vitamin E. Scientists have identified a compound in olive oil called oleuropein which prevents the LDL cholesterol from oxidizing. It is the oxidized cholesterol that sticks to the walls of the arteries and forms plaque. Replacing other fats in your diet with olive oil can significantly lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart attack.  Remember do not cook olive oil at high heat. To experience the greatest health benefits it is best eaten raw - on top of salads, drizzled over pasta, mixed into an avocado, poured in or on hummus, etc.

Wishing you all a beautiful and blessed week!



  1. Great advice Jill! Washing hands is probably the BEST advice to avoid spreading germs and getting sick. When I come home from work, I take a shower. I get so many germs as the children forget to cover their cough. We are working on that at school.

    But the other tips are so very important too. I'm working on the water issue. I take water with me but sometimes forget to drink it. It's a habit I need to develop and do.

    I will check out the links you suggested.

    Love you,

  2. giggle -- I so agree with this!! The two times YEARS ago I got a flu shot -- those were the SICKEST years I had! Never again! And through the last few years I've hardly been sick (knock on wood!). Great tips -- and as luck would have it, this year, I'm rocking them all except #3..... but hopefully that'll be fixed soon enough!


  3. I love this tips!! Post the tips for throat infection.
    Health tips 


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