Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What Do You Give Your Kids Each Day?

I get asked this pretty often and thought it was time to do a post on it for all of you out there that might be wondering the same thing.

Before I share what helps our children(and us) remain healthy and strong throughout the year remember without eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of water, and exercise each day – these can only do so much!  

I have tried many multivitamins over the years for our children and it wasn’t until recently that I found one that truly is helping our children feel better each day (and sleep which is a HUGE bonus here!).


Every day our children start their morning with a 10 oz bottle of water and 2 oz. of organic apple juice mixed with one scoop of the Green Vibrance.  When they come home from school they either drink the Kids Calm Multi or the Kidz Superfood Greens below.   I can promise you they are kid tested and approved for deliciousness here!!!!


Here is why I like them both so much – they get all the greens, fruits, vitamins, and minerals their bodies need to grow, think, and function without me having to worry did they get all that they need in what I am feeding them today!   The Green Vibrance has probiotics in it too which is wonderful for this time of year to help all of us stay healthy.   I take it with me whenever I travel to keep me from getting sick due to the different water or foods that are available.   I of course don’t eat foods that I know will make me sick. 

Our children also take the following probiotic each morning before eating breakfast and two of these Vit C’s to help their immune system remain strong. 


Natural Factors Vit C comes in a variety of flavors and they have really helped our children stay healthy this year!   If I happen to forget to give out these vitamins the children are quick to remind me they didn’t take them yet today – especially the Yum Yum’s! 

If any of us happen to get sick, my first line of defense is sleep.   Then if we develop a fever that is over 101.0 I will begin giving the Sovereign Silver three times a day for a week to ten days.   If a stomach bug is beginning we immediately start with Stomach Rescue.   We never travel out of the country without at least one bottle of this!

Both have helped our family get through some rough viruses/flus much faster and easier!  All without seeing a doctor or taking any antibiotics.  I use the silver directly in the ear for an ear infection, or in the eyes for pink eye.  Have you ever wondered why milk pales were made of silver and it didn’t spoil when refrigeration was not available?  Silver doesn’t allow for bacteria to grow.  


*NOTE I am not a doctor or a healthcare professional.   All that I am sharing is our personal experience and research on how to stay healthy naturally.  If you or your children are sick, please consult your healthcare professional for necessary advice and treatment. 

I also wanted to share a few of our children’s favorite snacks that I put in their lunch boxes each week. 


Brad’s Kale Chips is by far the one they request the most!  Sure I could make these myself, but I am all about ease and saving time anywhere I can each day.


The Crunchy Rice Rolls are excellent with organic almond butter.  Suzie’s Thin Cakes are great for the kids to use with all the salads I pack, or hummus or guacamole.

If you have any questions, comment below or email me and I will get back to you as soon as I can.  Thanks a bunch for visiting and sharing my posts via Facebook, Google+, or Pinterest!

More delicious and nutritious lunches and meals coming up soon!  Tomorrow, another mini session with one of our beautiful daughters.   Until then, make it a beautiful and blessed day!



  1. Thanks for sharing what you use and all these links -- I'm thinking several could be good for adults, too... :) They sure do sound yummy in a "real good for you" kinda way!!


  2. Okay sweet friend, oh how I love you! I have taken Calm for years and did not know they made a product for kids. We are buying it tonight (along with the chocolate grass stuff ... my kids are going to love it) and I am sure it tastes better than the stuff I drink.

    Love you oodles,

    PS Where do you find the best prices, I found them on Swanson's vitamins for a great price, but wondering if there is a cheaper place. Our health food stores can be a bit pricy around here.

  3. looking into the silver for ear and eye infections. We hardly ever go to the doctor either ... but have had to go once in the past few years for pink eye and another time for an ear infection.

    Happy happy day,

  4. Thanks for posting this, Jill; I like hearing about what works for other people. We love Amazing Grass, and I'm going to check out the Kid's Calm Multi. Have you tried the new Brad's pina colada (Pina Kale-ada) flavor? I love it, and it doesn't contain cashews so I can actually have it in the house with my severely allergic son. I'm also going to look for those crunchy rice rolls; I love Suzie's but am always looking for variety!


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