Sunday, November 18, 2012

Be Still SONday–I Need You



I find myself being brought to a place of pure humbleness when I am out in nature.  

Oh how the sky draws me in and causes my thoughts and eyes to rise up to Him.

I get lost in the glorious ways He paints the sky each day.  

Not one sky is every the same.  

No cloud looks alike either.

The fall sky is different than a summer sky.  

I love the change of seasons and how it makes nature seem even more beautiful (if that is possible).

Last week while at the horse farm, I took notice of the sky right before sunset.  




Then as I drove to pick up our children from school I couldn’t help but pull off the road to capture the immediate change from the sky above. 


Just look at how the clouds, and sunset played over the mountains.   I will never tire of how God paints the sky each day.


Wishing you a beautiful and blessed SONday!  May your eyes be lifted up today and your thoughts be lost in His faithfulness and love for us!



  1. Beautiful song! Love it!

    And I so enjoy seeing how God paints your sky! He's been doing some pretty awesome work everywhere lately it seems!


  2. I love how you appreciate the beauty of God's creation. You capture it so beautifully. I had to laugh. I can identify with you. I also pull over many times to take a photo when I see beauty.

    Love you,


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