Friday, November 23, 2012

Furry Fabulous Friday– {Head Tilt Slays Me!}

First, I hope you all had a lovely and safe Thanksgiving!   I’m already counting down the days until next year.  OK, maybe not, but I sure will be excited when this time rolls around again!  I LOVE IT!

Our dogs are best friends.  It’s true.

They can’t stand not being together.

If one comes to see me, the other is immediately right behind.

If one is in trouble and goes into their cage for a time out, the other will lay outside of the cage and whimper until their best friend is released.  Then they will be furiously attacked with doggie kisses!

If one comes into my studio for a quick photo-op the other one ends up having to let me take a photo too. 

Caspian our oldest dog is 3 and he doesn’t really appreciate my passion for capturing him.   However, he made the mistake of seeing what Charlie was up to and had to let me get at least one photo of him.   I’d say his look speaks volumes of how he felt about the situation.  LOL!


I of course gave in and let him scurry out of my office as fast as he entered.  Which meant it was sweet Charlie’s turn for a few photos. 


Prepare for major cuteness. 


I can barely contain myself when he does this to me in person!  Oh my word!!!!!!



And with that I’ll leave you with a big smile for your day!  

Have a beautiful and blessed weekend!



  1. Haha! Love it and love the boys! So glad they're best friends now! I just about cannot stand the head tilt....way too cute!

  2. Yes, I am smiling! They are both too cute.


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