Friday, November 30, 2012

Growing Pains {Parenting}

I’m not sure what is harder, parenting a tween or being the tween?

I remember this age so well and understand how hard it can be.   You want to be a big girl so badly, but aren’t quite ready for all that comes with it.  You want to do things the other big girls do, or at least begin to understand more about it all.   But when you hear what really comes with being a big girl, you decide maybe being a little younger isn’t so bad.

Learning how to handle all of that is tough.  Learning how to handle not getting it your way in a large family can be tough too.   Learning how to handle being patient with others, when all you want to do is be alone and you can’t, is tough.  Learning to be OK with not going to see the horses for a few more days because of the weather, illness, or other circumstances can be REALLY tough!  

I cherish learning from each of our children – sometimes it takes a while for me to feel that way.  But I always end up feeling so blessed by going through the situations with them, because we both end up a little wiser!   Which is always a good thing considering I’ll be going through this phase five more times with her younger siblings.  

These photos capture all the emotions I mentioned above and are completely unedited.  Simply resized for this post.   Oh how I love this tween of ours.  She is helping mold me into the image of our Savior.   One day at a time!





No matter how sad, frustrated, angry, hurt, or otherwise…every conversation between us always ends with this exact smile!  Oh how she warms my heart BIG!!!! 

Wishing you all a blessed and beautiful weekend!



  1. That age can be very challenging. But I love that last photo and her amazingly cute smile. And btw, I have enjoyed seeing the photos of her as she is learning to ride and jump with the horses.

    Love you,

  2. EEK! I totally see you in her in that last one... or is it I see her in you in that one??? Either way -- what a moment to remember! I agree - I wouldn't want to be that age again, except knowing what I know now I would totally revel in the lack of (adult) responsibilities... LOL!


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