Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Uganda Adoption Story {Family Session}

Last year, I received an email at the beginning of the school from Kim asking me about adoption and how hard the process can be.  At the time I had no idea what God was up to in her heart.   A few months later, Kim was once again hosting the Mwamba Choir from Uganda.   The young man front and center won her heart and that of her family.   They began to do research on how to bring George home.  They didn’t have much time because George would turn 16 in Oct. of 2012 and nothing happens fast with international adoptions, especially in Uganda.

Months and months of praying.  Paperwork moving slowly.  Government officials taking FOREVER to get simple things accomplished.  At times it seemed like God was silent while things needed to get done. But we all know He is doing things perfectly on His time frame for our good and His glory.  Months went by and finally Jason and Kim got the green light to come to Uganda to bring George home.  Let’s just say God’s timing can make even the strongest weak at the knees.  Kim was waiting in Uganda for the final VISA appointment with ONLY days away from George’s 16th birthday.   Lots of prayers were being said for all involved and when we got the update that the VISA appointment was complete…I couldn’t wait to celebrate with them in person by capturing God’s faithfulness to their family!!!!

Without further ado, meet the Seders family!


I was so excited there were still a few trees with leaves on them after Thanksgiving.  I wasn’t sure we would luck out.  But just look at this gorgeous tree showing off…


This is my absolute favorite shot of your family Jason and Kim – speaks volumes of your love for one another!



I had fun getting their children to laugh and this photo makes me smile – BIG!


Such a good looking group – right?

Then we walked across the street to this beautiful weeping willow…and we added in their future daughter in law.


Nick and Kelly are getting married in July 2103.  Such an exciting year for this beautiful family! 


I had so much fun capturing the two of them alone…what a beautiful god-loving couple!


Kelly you are going to be such a gorgeous bride.  Your eyes just sparkle with joy and love!


Love this shot…



We all know there is nothing like a promise over a pinkie swear and these two have a serious bond behind it!


Nick and Kelly thank you for the opportunity to share in your joy!

Your love for each other is very contagious and fun to be around!


Thank you Jason and Kim for allowing me to journey through your adoption and capture God’s faithfulness to bring George home!  It was such a blessing to me!   Wishing you and your family a blessed holiday season!  


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  1. Oh! What a happy ending/beginning to his story!! :) Praise God for being an on-time God! :) Such a beautiful and (complete) happy family! Love the love and joy you can see in each one of their faces!

    And what cute lovebirds, too!!



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