Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Charlie!!!

WOW!  Charlie is one today!!!!!

He came straight from Texas right into my heart forever!!!!!

Sigh…he was so tiny when he came home at 11 weeks old. But OOOOOH so precious!!!!!



My husband was smitten right away too!


Caspian wasn’t so sure at first about this silly puppy always chasing after him – but now they are completely inseparable.




He looks more like a teddy bear than a puppy when he needs to be groomed.


But is completely perfect the moment the groomer finishes taking such good care of him.   I know this next shot is blurry of the two best friends but it so perfectly shares how they are together!   One comes and the other is on his tail – literally!


The children all love him and he definitely feels the same way about them!!!  Every single one.  This puppy is so perfect for our family because all he likes to do is play and love on others.  Open-mouthed smile




HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY CHARLIE!  You made me into a totally mushy dog mom and I LOVE IT!!!!!!

Thanks for all the love and puppy licks this year!  You have been the best companion already!


  1. Happy birthday, Charlie! What a blessing you are!


  2. Happy birthday to your Charlie! What a cutie he is. I had to laugh at Scott's cute watch; Micky Mouse. You can tell he has lots of kids. :)

    Love you,


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