Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Most Perfect 6th Birthday

Nothing makes him smile as much as the day we celebrate his birthday.   It has been that way since we all celebrated his 1st birthday 5 years ago!
Not much has changed about this amazing little man of ours.  He is still strong-willed, feisty, funny, silly, quiet and yet OH SO NOISY, and gets himself into all kinds of mischief.   His smile is the same and those two front teeth still slay me!!!! 
Today, we did another one of his favorite things to do – played outside together in the snow!!!!!  Yes, it snowed again really hard here today and it turns our property into a winter wonderland!

The snow was going into my eyes and the boys were being very silly!!!!
Lexi came out to capture some photos of all of us playing in the snow!
But not before we took a few together Open-mouthed smile
Then it was off for a hike with my man around our property and up onto the big hill next to us to overlook our area.  Let’s just say it is a LONG walk and pretty steep and OH SO GORGEOUS!!!!
We crossed over this stream to go up the big hill Open-mouthed smile
Here we are very proud of ourselves at the top – the kids did not come with us – the hills are too steep.
And this view was worth the climb up and back down again!
You can’t see the road that we live off of from this high – it is was down low at the tree line in front of us.
Just look at how magical it looked on our property Christmas morning!!!!
This next photo of our youngest son was taken in 2010.   He was only 3 here and truly not much about him has changed. 
The next photo is from Dec. 22, 2012 and as you can see that smile and his teeth are just as adorable today!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our GOOCH, McDoctor, McSmooch, and GOOTER!
You never know which one he may choose to introduce himself as. No matter which one –
they all mean the same thing – DEEPLY LOVED!

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  1. Happy birthday, buddy!! So glad you had a fun-snow filled day!!!

    Beautiful images - love all the smiles, jumps, and views!! :)



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