Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 A Year with Amazing Animals

When we went around the table New Year’s Eve sharing our favorite moments from 2012 – hands down mine is getting Charlie (a maltipoo) from my husband as a birthday gift.   He was born Dec. 21, 2011 and came home March 11, 2012 at 11 weeks old.  The first two photos are the ones I saw of him while he was still at the breeders in TX.  Oh my word they still slay me!   He was a little over 4 pounds when he arrived and now weighs over 10 pounds. 

He is the most loyal best friend ever!  He is always happy to see me and I mean ALWAYS!   He loves to give me kisses and lets me kiss him too.  He loves to have his belly scratched.  He loves to sleep right behind me in his brown dog bed whenever I am at my computer.  When he first came home the bed was way too big for him.  But now he fills it out completely and we all think he likes it that way best! 

The first set of photos is from March until May.  The second set are miscellaneous favorites of mine up to now.   And yes, he still gives me the serious puppy head tilt!   Which we all LOVE!  I don’t think that is going away any time soon!   He really tries to listen and seems to understand what I’m saying to him.  Charlie is the perfect dog for me!  Because of him I am now a forever dog lover!!   A sweet little chocolate maltipoo (from the same breeder in TX) will enter our home right around my birthday again this year.    I can’t wait to hold her and watch the two of them together!!!!  Let’s just hope our dog Caspian is nice to her.  It only took him 3 months to warm up to having Charlie around and he still is sorta moody about it, even though he can’t stand to not be around him.  They are best friends.  So there is hope for sweet Jessie too! 



This post would be incomplete without the following four photos Open-mouthed smile




As I mentioned above he is loved by EVERYONE in the family!!!

Now, this next photo is one is by far the cutest of him all year – my husband couldn’t get over how much he resembled the teddy bear in his mom’s house.  



What do you think?

The second most amazing animal to enter my life this year is definitely HORSES!!!!!!  Oh my gosh I love being around them, learning from them, watching them, capturing them, and NOW riding them!!!!  They are helping to heal many things in my life, as well as, several of our children too.   They are amazing teachers and loyal friends.   I call them my truth serum.  They have a way of calling you out and ensuring you are being very clear with your emotions.  They also have a way of looking straight into your soul.   The bond I am beginning to have with several of the horses is so rich and deep I can’t help but sense the power of God’s love for me every time I am near them.   I’m thankful for how they make me laugh and feel so alive!  

I have spent countless hours with them over the last three months while watching our daughter during riding lessons and that has given me many opportunities to admire each horse at the ranch.    The same thing happens each week at the horse therapy farm – I am able to soak in their power, majesty, and beauty.   It leaves me breathless and wanting more!   I’m a horse lover now too!   A horse lover with serious hay and barn allergies – but heck God can heal me of that as I believe He has to be near them.   I’m hoping my ability to touch them, brush them, and now ride them without turning all red, getting seriously itchy, and sneezing non-stop is a GREAT sign.   We shall see what happens when the weather turns warmer.  Hopefully, my body is building up immunities to them and their dander!!!!  I’m praying that is the case!!!!!!

I can’t thank God enough for the amazing people I am meeting because of our time with horses as well.  What a blessing this new found love has been for me and our family!  

The last row of this first set are of the amazing owners of Seven Star Ranch where our daughter rides.  Dave is such a gifted horse trainer and has been so gracious to allow me to watch, listen, and learn during many training sessions.   Brooke has shared her love of horses with me and watching her train, ride, and instruct her students is so uplifting!!!



Our daughter began riding lessons in October and within three short months she is riding English, cantering, and jumping!  Watching her ride and the joy that she exudes every single moment fills me to overflowing!    I must love it to stand outside for over an hour twice a week in freezing temps.  Her riding instructor Brooke, continues to encourage her love for riding and horses each week.   Their relationship is a huge blessing to our daughter!   Brooke is a gift straight from God and so is the Seven Stars Ranch!   She has shared with me several times that our daughter was born to ride and I have to say I couldn’t agree more!   Just look at her…


I can’t wait to share many photos of our new puppy Jessie and my journey with horses with you this year!

Thanks for encouraging me as I try new things in 2013!!! 



  1. I love dogs but my hubby has severe allergies and our place is too small. So I get to love on other people's dogs which is fine. Love your doggie photos.

    And I love horses. As you know I took riding lessons with my mom for a few years many years ago. She loved horses and did some jumping. Beautiful photos and I love seeing you on a horse Jill.

    Love you,

  2. Absolutely love all of this!!!

    The walk down memory lane with Charlie was so much fun!! It's so funny to say how tiny he was -- cause compared to my baby, Charlie still is so tiny! haha!! I'm so tickled that you captured so many sweet precious puppy moments - and I'm sure that Jessie will also have her baby-time memorialized too!! I just want to snuggle him close!!

    And I love seeing all your horse photos - and love hearing of the bond you and your kids are building with them! It's so fun to watch from this end of the screen! :)

    love and hugs!

  3. Jill so happy to hear the horses are bringing you such joy and healing.

    Charlie is too cute for words.


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