Thursday, January 17, 2013

How Essential Oils are Keeping Us Healthy!

Over the last five years I began to introduce essential oils into my closet of healing goodies.  I didn’t know until recently how important it is to make sure I am only using the purest and highest quality available if we were going to ingest EO’s.

Why Camp Wander and not the many other brands out there?
I use Camp Wander essential oils because I can trust in their quality and safety for our entire family. You can read more about them here.

Camp Wander Essential Oils are naturally safe, purely effective - 100% Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils…which means they are completely safe to ingest!! 

After reading all about LAVENDER THIEVES BLEND and its many amazing health benefits I quickly ordered 3 bottles.

Why do I NOT give our family fluoride? 
Please educate yourselves on the real dangers of ingesting this into your blood stream every single time you brush your teeth.  If you want more information ask in the comments and I will give you a website to read.  But don’t say I didn’t warn you first, the truth is a bit overwhelming and scary.  We have been fluoride free in our home for over 9 years now.   I’m proud to say we don’t have any cavities either.   The kids might need braces but they have excellent dental health!

One of the most important line of defense I use to keep all of us healthy is washing our hands with soap and water every time we come home from school or being out in public.  

I ordered six of the roller bottles below and created my very own BE WELL BLEND:  16 drops of LAVENDER THIEVES BLEND, 16 drops of Oregano, 16 drops of Melaleuca, and 15 drops of fractioned coconut oil.  Every night before the children go to bed they roll it on their feet.  If they begin to get just a sniffle I roll it down both sides of their spine.  This combo is excellent for diffusing in their rooms or around the house with a few drops of lavender to kill airborne germs as well.
Aromatherapy Glass Roll On Bottles, Cobalt Blue-Set of 6
You can also order them in black which is very helpful to keep the sunlight from changing the strength of the EO’s.

*When using oregano EO on your skin be sure to mix it with a drop or two of fractioned coconut oil.  It is very potent and can cause sensitivity to the area it is applied to. 

You can purchase 16 oz of the organic fractioned coconut oil I use here.

If they have a cough, sore throat, or feel a little icky - I make them hot tea using two drops Lavender Thieves Blend, one drop LEMON, and one teaspoon of raw manukah honey.  They now ask for it because it tastes so good and helps them feel better so quickly!!

You can also add ginger EO to the tea for its healing properties as well. 

After ordering all of the above I contacted Camp Wanderer and love the quality of their oils, salves, etc.

In the coming weeks I will be sharing more about my very favorite three oils and a blend I created that is helping several of our impossible sleepers SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MORE healthy tips to stay well can be found here.   Using EO’s is a part of our every day immune boost eating and living – we eat healthy foods, drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, spend time outside each day, and spend plenty of time laughing and loving one another!

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If you're ready to start using essential oils for you and your family, or need to stock up on accessories (glass droppers and roller bottles), and more go here.
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  1. Sometimes I feel like we're soul sisters... the whole foods, paleo-leaning, essential oils, toxin-free lifestyles. And we both can rock a camera! ;) I haven't heard of this company, but wow do I ever agree with you on this type of stuff. We've been free of colds for quite some time with our routine, but I haven't found anything that wards off the stomach flu bug before it hits, the way you can prevent colds, so I was wondering if you've come across anything like that? That's really the only thing we've succumbed to. Of course, we bounce back really quickly with everything else we're doing, such as my homemade fermented veggies, which I plan on talking about in a bit. Thanks for all your excellent info!

  2. Wanted to say a quick thank you for all your hard work and research. I'm going back thru your blog clipping things to my Clipboard. (new app I found and LOVE... just like Pinterest... but you know me, I like everything private!!!) I'm funny like that lol! I deleted everything off Pinterest... A million thank you's for all your research. I could never do all this!!! Love you!

  3. May I ask why such expensive honey?

  4. Margaret I hope this post helps explain why we choose to use Manuka Honey -

    We also use raw honey locally too that is less expensive. However, the healing properties of the manuka honey that I shared in this post can't be beat!


  5. I am interested in learning more about flouride. Can you share that website? Thanks!

  6. Lode all of this and I do a lot of the same things you do! I love finding like minded people:)
    You do know that fluoride is in your water though?! If you don't have a specific filter for fluoride it is in what you are drinking, showering and brushing your teeth with, eek! Pro pure water systems or Berkey make the only ones I know of the specifically filter fluoride...


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