Friday, February 15, 2013

Furry Fabulous Friday

I can’t believe Jessie has been home for a week already!!!!

She and Charlie are best friends.   Seriously!

Caspian (our white dog) is still very unsure of her and has yet to realize she is going no where!

This series of photos will show you the size difference of all three dogs.  And how their first day went. 

She ruled the roost pretty quickly!  Team girls all the way now baby!  We were out numbered until she arrived!



Not sure what they were both looking at outside – but I love their serious focus!  Not to mention Jessie in her adorable pink jacket!


As you can see Charlie is pouncing at her and she is clearly not phased one bit.  HA HA HA!


Caspian could NOT figure out what she was doing.  He didn’t want to get too close but was so curious about her. 



Her eyes are so pretty and sometimes freak me out because they look so “human”. 


Scott says, “her face looks like someone through a bowl of flour on it.”  Because of how white her face keeps getting!



By the end of their first day playing hard for hours they were completely tuckered out!   It was sooo cute to see them nose to nose in their beds behind me.





Who says, “only sleeping babies are cute?”  I beg to differ!!!!



She loves to cuddle up to my cowgirl boots too!  Open-mouthed smile  Girl has good taste what can I say!

And this last one is a family favorite.  We have always thought it was so odd to see Charlie sleeping this way and guess who else does it all of the time?  Yes, Jessie!!!


This one is my favorite from the other night…


Until next week, wishing you all a blessed and beautiful weekend!



  1. Oh my, these pictures are pure delight! What fun they are having. The dogs have taken over ...

  2. I MISS MY BABY CASPIAN!!!! These pictures melt my heart..oh my goodness so cute!

  3. I MISS MY BABY CASPIAN!!! These pics are so adorable!

  4. Oh my goodness!!! Too adorable!!! She looks so sweet!! (and no way did you put a pink jacket on her! the poor dog! LOL) Love seeing her interact with the boys!


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